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You and Me!
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Time and time again
I tell you how I feel
Yet over and over
I want to show it's real
To see the smile on your face
And hold your arms
In sweet embrace
I know we'll be together
For the rest of our lives
I'll always tell you everything
I'll have nothing to hide
Don't you ever fear
That I will go away
For right by your side
Is where I'm going to stay
I will be here
Through it all
I'll pick you up when you fall
Come to me in good
Come to me in bad
Come to me with tears
Happy or sad
I'll laugh when you laugh
I'll cry when you cry
And if you have no explanation
I'll never ask why
With anything
You can confide in me
For I'm the one
Who'll always be
By your side
Through thick and thin
Together forever
We'll always win
No matter which road
You happen to choose
I will always Be with you
Together we Will succeed
In the end It'll be just
you and me

~ Ali Marvin~

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