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there is a reward that has been put aside
For you, your feelings you do not hide.
Through life you continue along the way
the feelings for me you need not say.

for when one is down, or even on the ground
In you, one thing's sure they will be found.
There's a corner aside in your heart,
There's a bond between us that will never part.

There is many a time I would have fallen down
But you dear friend were always around.
Life's problems have fallen heavily on me,
But you guided me, so that I could then see.

There's a reward I would like to give you.
It's much bigger than the sky's so blue.
There's place in heaven I've asked the Lord to reserve,
And that dear friend, is the start, it's the least you deserve.

For as, just as hard with me you have stayed,
just as hard for you I've prayed.
For there's a golden throne above the sky so blue,
What's left for me to say, dear friend?
just "Thank You".




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