You've Got Mail.
Nice and Easy way to share your Feelings with your Love, Friends and Family. The style of the cards are same but with different short messages.
More Messages will be added soon.
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Without you I'm Alone I'm Dreaming of You Forget & Forgive Gimme a Smile!
Hold on to Me! I'm in Your Heart You make my Heart Happy! Marry Me!
I'm missing you bad I'm Sad! Stop ignoring Me! Take a Break!
Thank You! You made me Upset! You are Coool! Your Love is my Life!
Wazzzz up! Where are You? Don't worry be Happy! I need a HuG!
I Love You! I'm Sorry If u're Hurt, u're in Love You're always Busy??
Friends are Forever u make me wait 2 much thnx 4 being a part of me ur smile makes me smile
I won't let u down All I want is ur Trust I'm proud to have a friend like U I know u more than u know me :)
wish u could be here with me!      

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