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A Lawyer's Favor

Driving through a small town in his Mercidese, a successful young lawyer spotted two men on the side of the road eating grass out of somebody's lawn. Shocked by how desperate the men had become, he pulls over to have some words with them

"Hi! fellows, what is going on? Why're ya eating grass?" asks the curious lawyer.

"We are down on our luck, have no jobs and are very poor", they respond.

"Well, come with me" the young lawyer insists. "I'll do what I can to help ya guys, after all it's clear you both are desperate and willing to do what it takes to get by."

After a twenty minute drive, the two poor men arrive at a well developed estate on ten acres of land right on the 16th hole of a prestigious golf course. 

They became very excited at the opportunity to finally get some work.

"Sir! Thank you so much, we can't thank you enough for this favor. We will do our best to fulfill your expectation", they exclaimed with happiness!

"Ah!, no problem!. I'm just glad to help." replied the compassionate lawyer. Go ahead, you can eat all the grass you want, it's got to be at least half a foot tall by now!"

Submitted by: Fiasta



Thanks for Noticing...

Submitted by: Ferry



Interesting Observation

A cow was kept for observation:

KG student: It is a cow !!!

UG student: This may be a cow !!!

PG: Perhaps! this is a cow or may be hypo pigmented buffalo !!!

PHD: It must be a hypertrophied goat or an atrophied elephant with congenital anomalies !!!

Conclusion: The More you Study, The Lower Your Common Sense Seems to Go!

Submitted by: Naruto



This is not fair as...

Submitted by: Spider

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