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Penguins in a Truck

A cop sees a man driving around with a pickup truck full of penguins.

The cop chases the truck, pulls the guy over and says: "You can't drive around with these penguins in the town!...better take them to the zoo immediately."

The man says, "OK officer! Thanks for the guidance", and drives away.

The next day, the cop sees the same guy still driving around with the truck full of those penguins, but this time they're all wearing sun glasses.

He again pulls the man over and demands: "Mr. I told you to take these penguins to the zoo yesterday?"

The guy replies: "I did, officer!...and today I'm taking them to the beach!"

Submitted by: Don Rickles



Back to School After holidays

Submitted by: Shecky Greene



Girl friend gets pregnant

Girl friend: "I'm pregnant"

Boy friend: "Ya'r sure it'z mine???"

Girl friend with tears in her eyes: "This is so mean...If all say that then how do I know?"

Submitted by: Milton Berle



A letter from a teacher

Submitted by: Phyllis Diller



Time for Fun

A husband bangs into his house and yells, "Pack your bags, Honey, I just won a one million dollars in the lottery!"

Wife with her eyes wide open says, "Oh my!, that's great! Should I pack for the beach, for the safari desert, or for the snow mountains?"

Husband replies, "I don't know and I don't care...Just get the hell out!"

Submitted by: Andy Kaufman

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